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As to resolutions, “learn something” topped the list for the third consecutive year, according to consumer research data by It seems we’re all keen on being better than yesterday. Whether applied to personal or professional life, the acquisition of new skills or knowledge is a decidedly positive quest – regardless of the outcome. Engaged in the journey we change, and we change for the better.

In this ever-accelerating, rapid-change world, our own growth and adaption has never been more important. This is what Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher/poet, realised to be true when he coined the aphorism “No-one steps in the same river twice, because it’s not the same river, and they are not the same person.” (Side note: How learned does paraphrasing ancient Greek philosophy make you sound?)

As the river of 2024 is already fast-flowing, we’re putting our time and money where our mouse is, clicking away at our own rethinking and rapid adaption practice.

How? What? 24 brand-sketches for 2024. Every fortnight we reveal a new look and take on our own business, Horse & Water. Our first iteration – in all its pre-school glory – is about getting back to basics. Is it the brand destination for us? No, but it’s an irreverant step in the journey of reconnecting with the fun of what we do.

A solid step in brand basics is a simple commitment to taking action. As Nike famously posited, “just do it.” Considered action, action for a reason, action with direction… You can’t move your brand forward to better things if you sit still.

What action do you need to take?